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What is a Commissary Kitchen?

A commissary kitchen is a licensed commercial kitchen where food businesses can prepare and store food. Commissary kitchens are more affordable for small businesses allowing them to forgo building and operating a commercial kitchen of their own. Food businesses also use commissary kitchens because they’re legally required to prepare and cook food products that will be sold to the public in a licensed commercial kitchen.

Cook Tucson is a dedicated commissary kitchen & culinary incubator which provides food businesses a place to get started, to grow and to thrive. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur that needs a licensed kitchen or an existing small business that needs more production room, we provide the equipment and licensed commercial kitchen space you need 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

  • The shared kitchen offers more than 900 square feet of professional cooking equipment and dedicated prep space.
  • The studio offers private kitchen space for catering, cooking demonstrations, classes or meetings.
  • Plus, Cook Tucson offers affordable services to assist with business consulting, graphic design, website development and maintenance, advertising and social media.

Cook Tucson creates a unique resource where locally-made food and locally-based companies can thrive.

The Cook Tucson commissary kitchen offers regular cooking classes led by area chefs. Sign up to learn some new techniques or master a new cuisine style.

Get inspired now with the resources to make it easy to ignite your own culinary business.
The Cook Tucson commissary kitchen opened in August 2017 as a locally-owned business with the goal of helping area food businesses get off the ground and thrive. Our team provides a unique combination of culinary and business development guidance to Cook Tucson and its members; with expertise in marketing, start-ups and culinary enterprises. Cook Tucson elegantly combines these disciplines –  further developing Tucson into a premier foodie destination with a thriving community of healthy, local and unique food options.

Meet Some of Our Members


Photos from the Cook Tucson Commissary Kitchen

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