Cook Tucson is launching a new cooking class service for the public. The Tucson general public can now book private cooking parties and buy tickets to scheduled cooking classes taught by Cook Tucson member chefs. For Cook Tucson members, this is a unique opportunity to showcase their talent and generate additional revenue. For the general public, this is a great way to learn some unique new skills from local chefs and food artisans.

“I’m really excited to build awareness of local chefs and offer something completely new to Tucson,” said Cook Tucson owner, Corinne Tso. “Cook Tucson was intended to be more than just a commercial cooking space; it was envisioned to be a true culinary incubator and community, which would help new businesses prosper and grow while bolstering the local food scene.”

Private Cooking Parties

Private cooking parties are a unique activity for corporate team-building events, bridal parties and birthday parties. The classes are hands-on, meaning the group will actually get their hands dirty for a more interactive experience. The type of classes offered will grow as new chef members join the kitchen. Currently, Cook Tuson is hosting cooking classes that include topics such as:

  • Cornish pasty-making
  • Travel-inspired meals from Costa Rica, Cuba and Italy
  • Grab n’ go dishes to set your daily routine for a healthy week
  • Flavor-packed, crowd-pleasing side dishes

Scheduled Cooking Classes and Events

Cook Tucson will continue hosting scheduled cooking classes and food events, some of which are offered for free. Past events have included:

  • Pop-up full-course dinners
  • Microgreens sampling and education
  • Plant-based cooking demonstration
  • Food business startup education

To see upcoming events or request a private cooking party, visit, or email us directly at [email protected].


Cook Tucson is a community kitchen and culinary incubator that is home to a variety of food businesses that include caterers, food trucks, and bakers and other food artisans. Food businesses can sign up for monthly or hourly memberships. The kitchen provides the legally-required licensed commercial kitchen workspace and provides marketing and other business services.